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Mobile Version

Solid and dependable multi-user database and shared office applications.

A well designed database will increase your productivity, present you with accurate and timely information and relieve you of the repetition of many mundane tasks.

Database user

Front-end applications to existing databases.

Use your existing databases in a user-friendly way with bespoke front-end applications designed to suit your needs.

Front-end applications

Management reporting and analysis tools.

The clear and timely presentation of data is vital in enabling you to make key decisions. View your live data from anywhere in the world using an inernet browser.

Intranet report

Support of existing VB, Database & Office applications.

Telephone, e-mail or on-site support of, or modifications to, existing applications


Client Server and File Server Databases

Database relationships

The differences and key points of the two types of database.

Active Server Pages

Active Server Pages

Using compiled programs to produce interactive and database driven web pages.



Using XML for data handling, XSLT to interpret the data and HTML to view it.



The advantages of using an intranet.

Windows networking for a small workgroup

Setting up Peer to Peer networking for small workgroups.

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