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Dependable Applications

Timesheet application Building dependable applications means that all foreseeable eventualities have to be catered for with equal attention. The fact that a particular set of circumstances may occur in an application only 1% of the time, doesn't mean that it should only be given 1% of consideration during development.

Dependable applications have their foundations in a well designed database. A variety of applications, both Windows and non-Windows, as well as intranet, should be able to be utilized with a well designed database structure. The database can be designed to take care of security and to enforce business rules. This can be largely done through the use of stored procedures.

Stored Procedures

These are SQL programs within a client server database. Security can be enforced by ensuring that the only access to data is through the use of stored procedures. This means that the database itself can be kept secure and only the access to the stored procedures needs to be considered.

Stored procedures can also be used to ensure data integrity, e.g. if a payment is made to a customer, an equal amount must be debited from the payee. A stored procedure can ensure that, either the entire transaction takes place, or none of it.

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