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I am a database and office applications developer. I specialize in using VB, InterDev and Office to create dependable and easy to use bespoke Windows front-end and web applications for various databases, including Access, SQL Server and Oracle. This site is intended to demonstrate some of those skills by means of examples and working demonstrations.

Please feel free to contact me without any obligation if you need any more information about any of the techniques used on this site, or general questions about database design.

If you have a database that needs modifying, or that won't let you get at the data effectively, or a VB application that you need help with, or even an Office VBA application that just needs to be sorted out, please let me know. I will be happy to help out.

I am available for projects, short term contracts or even just a few hours in an emergency or a support role.


VB, Access, SQL Server, Interdev, HTML, Active Server Pages, Object Orientation.


BSc in Physics & Mathematics.

I can speak German (ein Bischen) and I am currently studying for a Diploma in German with the OU.


Purchase & Sales Orders systems, Supply Demand Analysis tools, Timesheets system. Reporting & Query by Form front-end tools to Oracle database.

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