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Front-end Applications

Bill of materials databaseThe front-end is the user interface of a database. This is the input screens, reports and other output objects that contribute to the make up the database.

Many existing databases have front-ends that are not user friendly and are unforgiving of mistakes. A well designed front-end application can be tailored to suit your requirements. The existing database structure may be perfectly adequate and will contain all your existing data.

The existing database application may be just too cumbersome and slow to work with. Making changes  or correcting mistakes can be incredibly difficult and tedious, or just plain impossible for users to carry out.

Applications that work, providing the users  don't make mistakes, or change their minds, are frustrating to work with. This can happen, not just because of poor initial design, but because the demands and ways of working have changed over time.


These can take the form of programs written using languages such as VB, C++ or Delphi. They can also be created using database programs such as Access and FoxPro. Access and FoxPro can be used to create excellent front-ends, even though the database itself may be entirely a client server database, such as Oracle or SQL server.